Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Warning - Politicallish stuffs and quilts. And flies. ugh.

Ok, there is really only ONE way to deal with people like this. No proof will ever be good enough for them. GOD HIMSELF could come down from the heavens and proclaim in a voice heard by all in the universe "BARACK OBAMA WAS BORN IN HAWAII" - and they'd claim it was the short-form God and wouldn't believe it.

No, the only way to deal with their childish antics is to answer them in kind. POINT... and LAUGH.

The lady who stood up in the town-hall meeting and screeched like a harpy about her birth certificate? How would she have handled it if everyone around her, instead of sitting like headlight-struck-elk, had turned, pointed at her, and laughed their asses off? LOUDLY!!

And that, my friends, is how I intend to handle EVERYONE who mentions this stupid non-issue to me. Point at them. Laugh AT them. Louder than they can screech. I can laugh REALLY LOUDLY when I want to do so.


I have found some excellent fabric for a couple new quilt tops. One for Manda, as the one I made for her some while back was ... destroyed by accident. Sorta. Long story. Regardless, I am in process of making a new, similar, one. I just need ONE MORE green bit to pull it together. I am determined to find that bit in my stash and not purchase any more.

I also have another top in the works - this one for an offshore friend. Just need to do cutting and sewing. It should be highly dramatic. I love that. Bright, colorful, dramatic... I am so utterly against making dull,insipid, pastel things. Not sure why. I used to like pastels. Now they just turn me right off.


So last nite I come home from work and discover my entire kitchen has been invaded by small black flies. Not gnats - real flies - but small ones. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Utterly grossed out, I grabbed the cats, tossed them into the upstairs bathroom, shut the door and set off a bug-bomb in the kitchen.

This morning we are fly-free. Thank the Goddess.


For Croila - this link goes to a photo of a car that is kind of exactly like the Little Blue Neon - except mine is dark blue and has a dent in the driver's door and has no sunroof and the AC doesn't work and there is a 1/2 bowl full of shredded wheat in the passenger foot-compartment that I need to vacuum out tonite.

I have no actual photos of tLBN as far as I know.


Croila said...

Oooh, looks a nice car though Sewmouse! But the shredded wheat ... Eh? Do you have your breakfast at the same time as driving, or something?!

Sewmouse said...

Well, I was taking a bowl of shredded wheat to work with me to have for breakfast (in a hurry, no time to stop & eat) - The milk was in a mini-jug.

I had to stop quickly and the bowl started to slide to the floor - I grabbed it, but not before 1/2 the contents got airborne and fell into the foot-well. *sigh*