Friday, August 01, 2008

Connectivity Issues

3 minutes of connectivity - modem resets.
5 minutes of connectivity - modem resets.
20 minutes of connectivity - modem resets.
25 seconds of connectivity - modem resets.
1 minute of connectivity - modem resets.

This is a bit of a bitch, especially when you are trying to accomplish something online that requires surfing from page to page in short-order.... or trying to play a little bit of WoW.

So yesterday I contacted Comcast to find out if they can fix it. Got a really nice gal on their "chat in realtime" online feature (from work!) (yes, my boss knew...) and she said it should fix up just as soon as I got home and rebooted everything. Cool beans.

Got home, rebooted everything, went downstairs to have dinner, came back upstairs - no connectivity. Modem reset. 2 minutes of connectivity....

So I called from home, and talked to a really nice guy who said it was something "in the line"' and they'd have to send out a techie. I asked if it was possible if the coax had been damaged, would that maybe cause it? He said yes. I told him not to send anyone until I had a chance to check the cable inside the house, as I can replace that myself.

Cats. Chewed. Almost THROUGH.

*le sigh*

So tonite on the way home I will stop at the CompUSA store and pick up some coax cable, and then I'll see if the problem was this - or something more yet.

I wonder if there is a nice Korean restaurant anywhere near my house....

171 days

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