Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oh My Goodness!

They just arrested our Governor.

The feds took Rod Blagojevic into custody this morning!

Oh my!

Lt. Gov. Quinn is not yet acting Gov.

More later....

41 days


Julian Meteor said...

Your blog is VERY hard to understand.
Email me and I'll give you some tips.
I ALSO give LADY tips.
Help you get MORE lol
Let me know; either way,


Sewmouse said...

Your lack of intelligence and reading comprehension are not my problem, little boy.


Julian Meteor said...

Little BOY!!!!! lol
I'm 33!!!!!!! rofl
You didn't responsd to my GENEROUS offer to be your wingman.

Any news on that?


Sewmouse said...

Hush, infant.

Your blithering will only get you deleted.

It is good to be the admin.