Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy Refridgeadeezer, Batman - it's COLD

With wind-chill figured in today it feels like 14 BELOW zero F. Fortunately, the car's battery works like a champ and I got going fine this morning, only to run into traffic while people gawked at 2 cop cars having stopped someone on the OTHER side of the road. *sigh*

Progress is being made in the great 2008/2009 decluttering. Another 2 trash cans full of I never use it and nobody wants it is ready to be dragged to the curb on Thursday nite. I still have a pile of "I need to hang this up but the farking closet is not properly insulated and freezes my whole room if I open the door" stuff sitting on an end table, but that's not too bad. I really do need to cut back on the dust-collectors, however. Some of this crap I've had since I was a kid. Maybe I should take a big box out to the Garage and have a driveway sale next spring.

Dad got his christmas present box. I'm glad of this. I hope they didn't put a receipt in it. I need to get Amanda and her hubby's presents mailed off this week. I need a box. GAH - so much to remember. I need a secretary. And a maid.

I tried making bratwurst in the microwave. I'm thinking it wasn't too successful. I may try again some time, however. I just need to figure out a good time/power setting ratio, I think.

Thanks to Enigma 4 Ever, I now have a new recipe for butter cookies to try out. *cross fingers* I hope it's as good as the recipe looks - go check her out, she's got all KINDS of Xmas spirit going over at Watergate Summer!

35 days


John Good said...

I froze my keister off today! Did I just say keister? (sigh) I really AM getting old. .. ;)

Croila said...

Sewmouse, get rid of the clutter. You don't need it and will feel better without it!

I don't think it'll make the place feel any warmer though, unfortunately :-(