Monday, October 13, 2008

Double Digits!!!!!!!!

So over this weekend, the amazing happened, in addition to our being finally into double-digits...

Bush finally unsurpassed (<--new word I just invented)Nixon - his approval ratings are lower than Tricky Dicky's!!

I got polled last nite. I sure hope my voter registration doesn't get purged because of it.

So - Weekend Wonderfulness Quotient = Not So Much. I need to get myself to finish up all the laundry so I can get myself to turn off the farking fan in the bedroom early enough so I don't keep falling back asleep. I got SOME stuff done - but NOWHERE near enough. *bleh*

Tonite I go get drugs and pay the ASSociation and maybe look at some books (like I need more...)I may also stop off at the fabric store just to oogle.

98 days

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Croila said...

Ha, double digits now eh? The day can't come quickly enough!