Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Realized This Didn't Post

I was going to post this on Friday, but then I got interrupted at work and didn't... Found it under "Drafts" - so I guess I'll finish it now:

Oy, it strikes me as seriously unpleasant that getting one's hip/leg/knee/ankle/goddamnsciaticnerve fixed up requires a period of MORE pain before one encounters LESS pain. Just sayin'. Owie.

It was raining rather heavily this morning, but I went to the end of the walk (covered by the roof) and saw that the lemon-yellow daylillies have started to bloom out front. Yes, Ms. Croila, I WILL take a photo as soon as there is sunshine on them. Out back, the weeds have proliferated in astonishing quantity - and I suspect I'll have to let the garden go for a bit now because of the back/leg situation. Dr. Brad says no bending, lifting, twisting or vacuuming. Owie.

I suppose I shall just have to make more small trips to the grocery market instead of one big one. I guess that's ok. Owie.

6/30/08 ...

I took some pictures of the flowers. I'll get them off the camera tonite and post them, I guess. Have another appointment with Dr. Brad tonite, leg is so much better, but there is still tightness and pulling, so I know it's not completely well yet. Ouch.

It's funny how even now, at 52 yrs old - I still have that childish notion that life somehow has an element of "Fair" about it. I keep thinking how UNFAIR it is that Leandra was taken away when I, and her family, need her so much. Of course, given the "Schoolhouse Earth" theology, perhaps that is exactly why she was taken - because we relied on her too much and need to move on by ourselves or we won't learn properly. Still and all, that feeling remains.

Her son-in-law cried to me on the phone for about an hour yesterday. How much he misses her... and how helpless he feels to comfort his wife. And how he doesn't feel "manly" for being a crying mess... It really must suck to be a guy and need to be macho.

I think she's haunting me. Every so often I can hear her voice "Heh-Roh!!!" the way she used to greet me on the phone, and feel her nagging me to get things done. *sigh*

Ok, so I did MY part and notified her online friends - to the extent that I was able to do so. Her daughter is supposed to send me her "contacts" list from her computer, but I'm not 100% certain that she will. The girl means well, but doesn't always follow-thru.

Ok - back to work. Last day of the month and all that. Meh.

203 days

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Croila said...

Oh dear ... Leandra ... How difficult for you. How grim to lose someone that you share so much with. How grim for her family too. Hope you're coping Sewmouse. Wishing you good vibes ...