Monday, June 23, 2008

7 words


Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits.

George Carlin died. That sucks and doth not swallow in the worst way.

Leandra's oncologist discontinued her chemotherapy. Apparently although there are no new tumors on her liver - the ones she has are larger. It's not helping, and she's not going to make it.

Fortunately, the Dr. says that it will be pretty much painless and easy. She will become progressively weaker, then just slip away. Knowing Lea, I suspect the "progressively weaker" bit is going to rankle some - but she's taking it with a good attitude. She's pretty certain she will have to go into a hospice soon, as her sister is having progressively more difficulty in helping her - and if it becomes worse, her sister won't be able to cope alone.

I had hoped she would make it to Election Day. I know how much she's cared about this election cycle. I don't think it will happen - but it might. I'm pretty sure she's never going to quilt again, tho.

So I guess that the quilt for Iroc (who is still AWOL and hasn't gotten it yet) will be the last one that is a collaborative effort between us. *sigh* We made a good team.

As for me - well, it's been a rough bit of a while for me, as my back decided to do the "take a hike" routine and has been "out" for about 2 weeks. I let medical science have it's chance, but I cannot sleep with my sciatic nerve bouncing around my hip and leg like a frog on Ecstasy - so I'm going to see Dr. Brad tonite and let him tinker with it via Chiropractic.

210 days


BBC said...

I said that I would not comment here again but it is a shame about Carlin.

But as I always say, life is uncertain, eat dessert first. I can say that of course because I only weight 140 pounds and need to put on some weight.

Don't worry about her, she is going to a better place than this cesspool.

Croila said...

Forgive my ignorance. I didn't know who George Carlin was, but I looked him up and have just watched his "Religion is bullshit" clip on YouTube. Brilliant!

Sorry to hear your sciatic nerve is playing up. Mine doesn't behave too nicely either - particularly annoying when it wakes me up at 6.00 am and robs me of an hour's sleep :-(

The Future Was Yesterday said...

There's a lot of "George Carlin" attitudes in me..except he seemed to manage them much better.:) I will forever admire the man for turning his face to the wind during a raging bullshit storm, and calmly say "Fuck You!"

Underland said...

I hadn't heard that George Carlin had died.
I remember his AM / FM album well.
A great loss.