Monday, May 19, 2008

Call me Reverend - I have a holey office!

There is a hole in the ceiling behind my desk.

Actually, it's not a hole, as much as it is a vacancy where one of the drop-ceiling tiles has been shoved over to the side so the roofing guy can look at the roof above it and see if there is a leak. So, it's a hole, but it's not a hole hole. Just a opening-hole. Still and all, the raccoons will drop down on me and bite me on the head.

I have no idea why ...

WAIT!! Yes I do. I remember why open holes in drop ceilings make me think of raccoons! The church I used to attend back when Amanda was little and I was still mainstream lutheran christian had a raccoon get into the ceiling of the girls' bathroom down in the basement. He/she/it fell thru the ceiling tile and into the bathroom stall, hurt itself rather badly, as there was blood all over the place.

Stay away, raccoon. This is not a bathroom, this is my office.

I'm feeling like I've been terribly spendy this weekend. I bought some geraniums and some peas and my replacement peppers and a delphinium and some daylillies and really, I shouldn't have gotten so much but I do so love having flowers and the annuals help fill in while the perennials are working hard at being fruitful and multiplying. The peony, btw, now has 8 buds. I shall need an entire HILL of ants. Like a horror-movie in miniature.

Thank goodness the peony plant is like 15 feet from the house.

I also picked up a lot of groceries and had brunch at the Dysfunctional Dennys. All in all, I spent wayyyyy too much.

They're now fixing the roof over my desk. Scrape!! Scrape!! Scrape!!!!!
I think it is giving me a headache. You know it's annoying when I'd prefer to hear HEADERS to the sound of the scraping!!

245 days


John Good said...

Do they make ceiling tampons? I'll bet you could have some fun with your maintanence people. . .=)

Kvatch said...

Saw a raccoon once here in the city. Big thing, shiny eyes. Spooky. Don't want to repeat that experience.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

I'm good at making holes in ceilings. don't want a hole. Right.