Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cars again

Because I'm bored during my commute lately.

Petite young lady driving an SUV - a "Soccer-Mommy-mobile" - with the entire front end missing - 1 fender, the bumper, 1/2 the hood, the grille... you could see inside the engine compartment, FFS.

Now, yes, this obviously was a bad accident. The scarey part is - she had TEMPORARY license tags on it. (Illinois issues these until your permanent tags come in the mail for new cars)


So I see Honda doesn't put turn signals on their cars anymore. I feel sorry for that poor bloke in front of me who was switching lanes back and forth and probably had NO IDEA that he wasn't signaling his changes. Really, Honda, I think those are MANDATORY.. please put them back!

Who ever told Honda that Americans want Japanese "Styling" in our SUV's??? That "Element" is just too ugly for words. It brings new meaning to the word "FUGLY" - looks like a bad anime cartoon! Now, there's another one, not sure of the manufacturer or model because I try to stay FAR away from them - but it seriously looks like a fried-rice box with wheels. Every time I see one I cringe.

Yeah, I know - this is boring stuff. Right now I'm trying to write another post but it keeps getting sidetracked and I don't intend to hit "publish" until I know what I'm saying and all that. (Yeah, right, mouse... like that's gonna happen...)

285 days

Shaddup, self.


BBC said...

I'll bet her insurance company is loving her right now.

Element, rolls eyes, it's a freaking rolling dumpster.

Come on, hit "Publish", all this is just more monkey crap in the ruts of history of time and space behind us anyway.

Posts are not read soon after being published, they get buried under newer posts so any gems in them become lost.

Croila said...

Funny how it's Hondas in America that don't have indicators (as we call "turn signals"). Over here it's pretty much any big flashy, expensive car. Humph.