Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tony Blair Grows a Pair

Oh my my my

Tony seems to be pulling his head out of King George the Deciderer's ass!

First this - Blair to announce Iraq withdrawl plan - WHAT A CONCEPT!!! A PLAN!!! A plan with a definitive exit stratergy!!! Bush must be having spaz attacks in his cushy little oval office (wonder if he had the carpets steam-cleaned before he moved in, just in case of any lingering ... um... DNA... *giggle*)

Of course, Tony Snowjob at the Whitehouse is saying that Bush is trying to spin this as "proof of success" of his disasterous "plan" which is in fact no plan at all.

Then - no sooner does Tonyboy Blair get on that, than the UK reports Blair bypasses Bush to build a consensus on climate change Oh, Tony... Tony... Tony... Too little too late.

No wonder Laura looks like she's doped to the eyeballs every time she appears - you'd HAVE to be in order to live with what must be a raving, drooling, slavering madman 24/7.

718 days


BBC said...


To little too late

And he stated that he could change his mind and keep them there, or send them back

And the money mongers will put money before climate change.


So how does that bumper sticker go?

Something about



plant a man


Peacechick Mary said...

We'll call him Better Late Than Never Tony. I think he's trying to save his political ass since so many Brits are turning nasty. Also a Prince is heading for Iraq and it will be on Tony's head if something happens to the dear child.

John Good said...

Mary's got the point on this one. . .

Anonymous said...

Blair didn't 'grow a pair'! He's desperately trying to save New Labor for getting pummeled in the next general election.

He's lucky to have dodged a vote of 'no cofidence' thus far.

Jules said...

He's an utter pillock and nothing will convince me otherwise.

Seen this, Sew?

Really don't think he's trying to fix things on his way out...he's trying to push through all sorts of crap at the moment. When he goes I'm throwing a party.