Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brown People

More than once, both here and elsewhere, I have made it abundantly clear that I do not support amnesty for illegal aliens. It is my position that if the VERY FIRST ACT that you perform upon entering this country is to break the law, then that tells me exactly everything I need to know about how much you respect the rule of law in general, and the laws of this country in particular.

Because of this stance, I have been called a "racist" and a "nazi", a "Hater of brown people", by those who purport to be progressive liberals, Godwin's Law notwithstanding.

This week marks the 2 year anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. At this point in time, there are still over 30,000 families who have not been able to return to their homes because of the water, wind and other storm damage. The vast majority of these people were from the area known as the "Ninth Ward" - a predominantly black and/or "brown" area.

Now, first off - let me say - This whole "brown people" thing really cracks me up. They're not black, so now in order to claim that I (who am actually a rather pinky shade of light beigy/tan) am a "racist" you have to make up a whole new race called "brown" people? You, my dear NeoLib moron... are a moron.

Back to my point.

The people from the 9th ward weren't rich folks. They were in many cases very, very poor people. People who couldn't afford luxuries like spending two years living in a hotel room in Arkansas. People who couldn't afford 100% replacement guarantee insurance. People who lived in low-rent apartment houses, and some of whom, no doubt, were unemployed.

We can't seem to get the federal government to grow the cajones necessary to help these people. We have shuffled them off to parts unknown, then "lost" their paperwork, refused to rebuild their homes, used the money supposedly earmarked for their welfare and given it to wealthy sports fans to build luxury condos.

We can't take care of OUR OWN black and brown people. We have shuffled them into formaldehyde-soaked deathtrap trailers, and then threatened them with eviction from THOSE.

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU NEO-LIBS THAT YOU CHOOSE TO SUPPORT ILLEGAL CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS - when we can't even take care of the poor and displaced AMERICAN CITIZENS - who happen to be black and brown people?

WHY THE BLOODY FUCK don't you oppose allowing even ONE MORE illegal criminal trespasser into this country - until this country takes care of the AMERICAN CITIZENS that it has so callously cast aside because they made the collosal mistake of being born in the Louisiana Bayou?




Noticed you popping up on me blog lately. Nice to meet you and this post makes you some'at of a hero. As a result, when I get a minute to meself I think I'll have to link yer.

As a union rep I once saved a black fella's job (he should have been sacked but what the hell?)

5 minutes later an asian bloke said I was racist 'cause I couldn't stop the management giving him a written warning (personally I'd have sacked the sod but I saved his job 'n all)

Dunno why but unless you're on the 'wavelength' of the liberals you're racist.

Now. Do I look like I give a fuck?

Leandra said...

Sew? I have always found it ironic that some on the extreme far left care more about the rights of illegals than they do about the lives of our own people here in the United States, and I am by no means a conservative as you well know.

We have way too many poor people who are doing without adequate housing, medical care, and often food yet it's not enough for those folks. It's not racist or bigoted to say "take care of our own first." Remember, the very people who suffer the most under this current illegal invasion are our own poorer people.

I'll bet if you checked it out, the money needed by the wealthiest who lost stuff in that storm has all been repaid, but the further down the socioeconomic ladder you progress, the less money has been expended. I don't know this to be a fact, but it makes sense since poor people don't as a rule contribute to campaigns. But then again I've been accused by some of being a cynic.

Sewmouse said...

A big welcome, Dinners!!!
Hope you're feeling much, much better. Took me a week or so to figure out what DILLIGAF stood for, then sat and laughed at myself for a long while.

I am sickened by Shrub going to New Orleans and making a political photo-op out of the tragedy that is still New Orleans. Lea, you got it right, Babe - as usual.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I touched on this subject a while ago, and caught all kinds of hell. You might as well have a little. There seems to be enough to go around:)

Because of this stance, I have been called a "racist" and a "nazi", a "Hater of brown people"
Not from anyone with any intelligence who can think, because they'd never made such a stupid statement.

Dunno why but unless you're on the 'wavelength' of the liberals you're racist.
Four Dinners: Unless Senator Craig represents ALL Republicans, would you mind redefining this to say "the bleeding heart Liberals?" Thank You. All blankets do cover all, you know. And do I look like I...nevermind.:)

Nick said...

I love it when people lose their shit.

Anonymous said...

Of course we have the very same problems here in Canada. An East Indian man came to Canada a couple of years ago with forged paperwork.

Recently he had a stroke and ended up in the hospital where it came to light that he was illegal.

When he left the hospital he was supposed to leave the country but he took up sanctuary in the temple. The EA community have taken up the cause to MAKE Canada keep him.

Their lawyer said "He should be allowed to stay because many others come here illegally and they're still here." (Thanks for the heads up). They claim we (Canadians) are discriminating against him. So far he's still here at the temple.

It makes me want to bang my head on the wall. They're so damned pushy and arrogant in their demands that we Canadians HAVE to do their bidding. AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH

BTW - East Indians here call themselves brown and encourage the rest of us to do likewise.

Entertainer said...

Wow..that was a hard one... the socio feudal lords or a barbarious czar has ceased to exist in person..but their mentality seems to be flooding..the world is becoming bigger and the people in it are becomin smaller..

Anonymous said...