Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I demand a shrubbery!

Last nite I got home to find a box on my doorstep - full of little seedlings. My order from the plant house came through! No energy to put them all out, but I now have a sweet little planter full of brightly pink and white dianthus, a large white pot with a tiny little "patio blueberry bush" in it and a pot of chives out in the garden.

I've decided to do a little "vertical gardening" this year - instead of having all the planter wire holders all over my patio, I've put them in the back of the garden bed on top of some of the iris foliage. Then I put pots on them, and will fill them with nasturtium seeds and summer squash seeds. With some luck, I'll get veggies above and iris below (I think this will work - the iris can poke their flower stalks through the holes in the wire holders.)

I also have a new houseplant. It is a miniature lime tree. Right now it is in a small pot on what I hope is an inaccessible (to cats) shelf in the livingroom. The cats are rather angry at me that I have put it there. They seem to have some sort of delusion that all my plants are belong to them. I really want this little lime tree to do well, so I am going to pamper the lil' thing and keep the kitty paws away!

629 days!


BBC said...

Years ago I knew a couple that had a pet rabbit in their home and that seemed cool to me.

So I bought a couple, he, he, he. Boy, was I in deep shit when they ate most of the wifes plants. I guess you know that they didn't stay around long.

I have a tub out of a washing machine that I'm thinking of painting and filling with dirt to grow something in. I'm thinking something I can make tea with.

Leandra said...

I just sent off an order yesterday for one of those blueberry bushes and also for some strawberries, rhubarb for my daughter, and a miniature lilac for me. Yay. I adore lilacs.

I got most of my summer garden in yesterday. Today I'll do another planter for the porch and plant a few more nasturium in the big pot since only a few of those that got so wet came up. The sweet peas managed really well though.

Peacechick Mary said...

Hoo Boy! Everyone's planting like craaaziiii! Good luck with all the good green stuff.

BBC said...

Rhubarb? Billy wants a pie.

Anonymous said...

Ah...but was the box on your doorstep left by a Shrubber? Specifically, Roger the Shrubber? ;-)

DivaJood said...