Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring hath Sprung

It is officially Springtime in my suburb.
Unlike the pathetic little attempts of the garden perennials, or the fleeting glimpses of red-bellied birds, the one true sign of Springtime in Chicago has come home to roost - there are orange traffic cones all along the road between my house and where I turn off to go to work.

Ah, springtime! The smell of steaming asphault in the air, the honking of horns as fellow commuters give voice (and finger) to their displeasure at the delays caused by new and exciting traffic patterns to maneuver through.

On the way in, it occurred to me that we should have songs to celebrate this phenomenon - this harbinger of barbecues yet to come. CAROLS, even!

Deck the roads with traffic cones
fa lalalala lala la la
Blocking roads right by your homes
fa lalalala lala la la
Honking horns in gay abandon
falala lalala la la la
Cruising down the old Dan Ryan
Fa la la la la lala la la

It's beginning to look like road construction
Everywhere you go
Orange cones every 15 feet
On ev-er-y major street
To show you where you may and may not go!

Traffic cones
Traffic Cones
Standing in the way
Some are flanked by barricades
While others fly away -ay

Traffic Cones
Traffic cones
Make us want to jeer
Thank god my street's not the Borman
Where they deal with these all year!

Oh Traffic Cone
Oh Traffic Cone
You really are quite Orange
Oh Traffic Cone
Oh Traffic Cone
Nothing at all rhymes with Orange

Road Construction on the Eisenhower
Big delays on 80/94
Patching crews working during rush hour
And getting paid time and a half.
Every body knows

To give yourself some extra time
Especially on the Tri-State toll
Although it's been said, many times, many ways
Road construction
Road construction
Road construction's a bitch

(ok - I know it doesn't rhyme - deal with it)

640 days


BBC said...

I don't recall the name of it but there is a trucking company with all orange trucks. Do you know why?

So that when they wear out they can be recycled into traffic cones. :-)

Beautiful days here, but still a light frost most mornings. And it's back to mowing Helen's lawn once a week. Argh!!

I think sheep should do that while I do other things. Hum, our yards are fenced, maybe I should get a sheep.

Sewmouse said...

Cool! Then you could learn to spin your own wool yarn and knit your own socks too!!


Peacechick Mary said...

Funny songs. I got on the Dan Ryan one time by mistake and it was the road from HELL! I didn't know that you had to be a maniac to drive it and will avoid that one from now on.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

My home state (MI) claims the robin as the state bird. They lie. It's an Orange Road Cone!:) cones=bad roads=ruined cars=us bitching even more.:)

watcher said...

something that rhymes with orange?
how about door hinge?

Anonymous said...

Oh traffic cone
Oh graffic cone
You really are quite orange
You're blocking all
The speedy lanes
And screwing with milage.

I have to drive
All over town
Encounter you both up and down
Oh traffic cone...
Oh traffic cone,
You really are quite orange.

('s not exact, but it's close.)