Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dear John Howard:

Go toss your Fosters Shrimps on the Barbie, and wrestle a Koala, you upside-down crocodile fucking moron - and keep your fucking nose out of American Politics, you grandstanding Aussie Dickhead.

Fuck off.

Thank you very much.



BBC said...

America sticks it's nose everywhere. Maybe John figures that turn about is fair play?

Not that I've followed what he is up to, I turned that job over to you.

Huggy, huggy, kissy, kissy.


BBC said...

Umm, I guess if I was going to fuck a crocodile that I would want it upside down also.

Just saying, he,he,he.

Peacechick Mary said...

Aussies don't like him much either. I won't say, too bad for John Howard as he chose Bush and Cheney and that's what happens.

BBC said...

So I guess he has a blog?