Monday, July 10, 2006

Good News/Bad News

Good news:

The condo association is replacing our horrible, rotted-out, waterlogged, ugly, disgusting wood siding and trim with aluminum siding. The houses they've done so far look very nice. Certainly as nice as Dad's place down in Fla. They are pre-wrapping the houses in Tyvek House Wrap - which looks funny, like they're going to mail the houses to Australia or something.

This can only be a GOOD thing for the houses, and likely increase property value. I'm all for that. Also, they are taking down the outside light fixtures to do this (and the mailboxes) - so I will be able to trashcan the old back light and put up the new one that the doves can't nest on. YAY!!

Bad News:

They're residing our houses, so I have to clean up my back garden. YUCK. And they'll probably trample all over my perennials border, destroying the gorgeous red lillies about to bloom, and the lovely new plants I bought this year. Double Yuck.

and they all babble in mexican - so I can't even try to talk them into NOT destroying my perennials border. *sigh*

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