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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Poor Outdated Webpage


I can't seem to motivate myself to update and fix-up my little personal webpage. Not that it's all that and a box of poprocks or anything, but I've done a LOT better 3-d work than I've got sitting up there and the links suck.

Besides of which, I really DO need to post a sizeable rant about the THIEVES at UPS.

And the links are all either broken or outdated because I have changed direction in my own interests and life.

And I really want to put in a link to Mike's airplanes, because Mike builds awesome, incredible HUGE, gorgeous radio-control model aircraft. In fact - check it out for yourself. And that is only the prototype - Black Magic v2 is so beautiful it's heartbreaking.

Now if we could just get Vio to post his artwork.....

Or get Randy to give me a linky to his latest website.

Or get Pirate to answer my e-mails!! *glare*

I don't want much. Just... everything. *grin*


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