Friday, September 22, 2006

Internet Collision

And the countdown begins.

In somewhat around an hour or so, I'll be meeting "in real" someone I've only spoken to on the telephone previously - and mostly met online in several "hack and slay" MMORPG games.

Geraldo is from Brazil - he works for THE ENEMY (Halliburton!!!!??!!!) and is far, far too nice of a person to be working for the EVIL EMPIRE!

Anyhow, The EVIL EMPIRE sent him up here for a few days to meet with other agents of the EVIL EMPIRE, and he's got a free pass for this afternoon, evening and tomorrow A.M. - so we're gonna have a lot of fun and eat too much and play video games and laugh our asses off.

Don't you wish that was really possible? The laughing one's ass off part? Like - the more you laugh, the smaller your ass gets? How cool would that be?

But I digress.

This isn't the first time I've met an online friend - I've met dozens, and up until now the furthest away was a guy from the Netherlands. A very TALL guy named Ron. VERY tall. But I've got friends in the UK, friends in most of the corners of the US (nobody really from Granolaworld - You know, California? What isn't fruits and nuts is flakes?) and even a couple in OZ and NZ.

And I'm not afraid of any of them. Which weirds out some of my not-so-Net friends.

I just figure there's as much chance of one of my net friends being a schitzoprhenic, mass-murdering psychopath as there is of me meeting the same type in a bar or the grocery market. They say John Wayne Gacy was a birthday clown...

So like... if I'm dead tomorrow, I may have to wait a while to post.


No said...

Saw your post on Betmo's site about your mother, and I thought it was beautiful..

I find that a lot of Australians seem to post on my site..Have you ever met up with any online friends from Australia?

betmo said...

i agree- about the number of sociopaths one could meet outside of the net. aside from no here- everyone else i have met has been somewhat normal :) hee hee. :) just kidding no.

No said...

Yeah, I'm a real piece of work!

Sewmouse said...

I met one friend from OZ a few years back at an internet party. Brief intro was all, she had her own crowd to mingle with. Shortly after the party, she disappeared from our area of the 'net. Dunno if she had a bad experience with someone in her crowd, or if we were all just that much of a disappointment.

Croila said...

Well, I've met some net friends in person, like Katherine of Chatiryworld, Jon of Falling Sky, Kal of Trauma Queen, and I work with Waterspout of Waterside Tales, so I can quite honestly say I love meeting net friends. I think it helps if you've been in quite close net contact beforehand though and have a reasonably good idea of what they're like and whether you'd get on with them or not.