Thursday, August 17, 2006


So tonite I go to the Dr. I thought it was yesterday, but I was WRONG!! *shrug*

Anyhow - in the midst of all that is going on, one of my cats seems to have fallen ill. She's always been such a fussbudget about keeping herself groomed, but there is a spot on her back - directly above her rear feet - that is matted and sticky and looks as if someone had gotten a lollypop stuck in it then pulled it off.

(No, the catly ones do NOT go out of the house - so no little rug-rats to threaten with lollies)

So I will most likely need to take Kili to the vet. This will be strange, taking only the ONE cat in. Mindi and Kili have been together since... well, heck since BEFORE birth - they were litter-mates. I'm not sure what Mindi will do if something bad happens to Kili. Probably become even MORE of a clingy, snuggly, annoying little putz than she already is. (Love her to death, but when it's 98 degrees outside, I don't really want to have a hot furry cat in my lap!)

When Dad called the other night, he told me he wants me to help him pick out wallpaper for the kitchen when I go down there. *grin* That sounds like fun. I need to get the car AC fixed first, however. ANFW I am gonna drive to Florida without AC. Did it once, but I was much younger and stupider then.

Ok - off to make my "bitch list" for the Dr. tonite. I want to have all my quackers in a row so I can be assertive and firm with him.

I hate Drs.


Anonymous said...

When you make the trip to FL, don't forget to make that stop in Georgia! I told Mom I called you and she'd love to see you too. You mentioned stopping in TN also, so you could do TN in one direction and GA in the other if that works. Its pretty quiet here now that the kid is off to college.

Sorry, I don't have a blog set up, so I'll have to keep the "anonymous" moniker for now, even tho I'm not anonymous to you! I'll have to think up something good.

Sewmouse said...

Aw, Hon - you can use the "other" button and it lets you put a nick - but I know who you are!!