Friday, July 21, 2006

Drugs and Herbs

So I got this book on herbs and herbal medicines. Very interesting read, particularly on the history of medicine from a pharmacological point of view. Considering that the Tyrant George Bush has just used his FIRST veto to condemn millions of Americans to suffer needlessly from potentially cure-able diseases based on his Xtian "pseudo-science", this is of interest.

Speaking of the stem-cell thing - First off - I would donate every remaining "egg" in my body - and any additional material needed - if it would bring back Mom and have her be happy and normal again. Secondly - the "embryos" that were about to be used to help find cures for such things as alzheimers and lupus and other horrible diseases, are going to be destroyed anyhow. There won't be any "babies" from them. But it seems Christians would rather see them DESTROYED than used to improve the health and lives of the POST-BORN.

The "heat wave" continues. Seems to me it's just "Summer" - but the news says it is a "heat wave" so I suppose they must be believed. It is hot and humid and muggy. Must be Summertime in Chicago.

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