Friday, April 07, 2006

Manual Checks and Dunning Calls

Nothing is more frustrating than Manual Checks. Except maybe dunning calls.

I don't mind someone calling me if an invoice is way out there - over 60 days or such and unpaid. I really don't. Usually there is a simple explanation - either my postal individual has eaten it, there was a problem (parts not received, parts were rejected and returned, or invoice never received), or they got it and mis-applied it.

What is really irking me lately is the tendancy of other companies to insist on payment "ON OR BEFORE the 30'th day". Screw that mentality. Net 30 days has ALWAYS meant "I cut and post the check on or very near to the 30'th day". If this were my company, I'd be looking for alternative sources for the crap these morons are selling me.

Manual checks... an offshoot of the "we're putting your account on credit hold because this invoice is 32 days old".

Manual checks means we have to enter the information twice into the computer. Manual typing of the check also adds another "entry" to the workflow. Essentially, every manual check requires 3 times the processing time and attention as a system-generated check.

I hate manual checks.

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