Thursday, February 09, 2006

So here I am

Back at work.

Taking meds I probably shouldn't, but which make it possible for me to be back at work. I just can't stand sitting at home - sleeping - reading - eating bad sandwiches....

At least here I am doing SOMETHING - and the bad meds along with some hot tea and a stick of gum - are making me get thru the day so far without anything worse than a bunch of coughing.

Being sick is really the ultimate pits. I don't recommend it.

But I'm getting better, and that is what counts. Last nite I couldn't sleep (got my day/nite cycle screwed up) so I worked more on the Ocean/Fishy quilt. Not a lot, but every bit done is a bit I don't have to do again!

The Prince suggested that I make quilts to sell on E-Bay.

My first reaction was "HELL NO" - but now I'm rethinking.


I'll let ya know.

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