Thursday, October 06, 2005


The trees are just starting to get a hint of gold. It's cold at night and warm during the day. If only the german yellowjackets hadn't been imported along with the dandelions, life would be perfect right about now.

Well... except that the White Sox beat the Red Sox again in the playoff game last nite. *sigh* I'm a die-hard Cubbies fan, and seeing the Sox do well is irritating, especially since one of my best friends is a Red Sox die-hard, and I'd rather see them win for the sake of my friend!

I've been eating soup lately. Campbells has these nifty new one-person soup thingys where the soup is all in a microwaveable bowl already to eat. I like this! Makes bringing soup to work .. workable.

Talked to Dad last nite, and while things are bad, Mom isn't QUITE the raving lunatic Paul would like her to be. I'm going down there next month. Granted, I can't really stay at the house anymore, but I can stay nearby and be there so Dad can rest or go for a shopping trip without her. And I'll know for my own self how things really are, not tainted by St. Paul the Lutheran Minister's greedy skew.

Slowly I am feeling things improve. Not quickly. Not a lot at a time - although the decaffination is rather dramatic. Maybe I can bust through this depression cycle alone.


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