Monday, August 15, 2005

I Hate Filing

Oh, I'll do it, but I really hate it. I don't mind the alphabetizing bit, but why the hell do filing cabinet manufacturers make bottom drawers? I'm too old and my knees just don't want to deal with those anymore.

I get down ok, but.... some days I wonder if I'm gonna just end up stuck down there, permanently. "Hey, Mouse - file this while you're down there, mkay?"

On a happier note - By the end of this week, I should have a picture to post up of the top of "Iroc's Puzzle". Yesterday I finished making all the small squares, and spent an hour or so fiddling with them for placement. Tonite I'll put the strips together and finish all but the outter borders, I suppose. Then I want to get the borders on quickly so I can finish Leandra's son's quilt top (2 squares left to do...) and hopefully get the whole lot into the mail by next weekend or earlier.

Earlier would be awesome.

I got a new coffeemaker this weekend. The old one finally breathed it's last. Orthodox funeral, full rites observed. The new one has a brew-strength feature, and has an ANALOG clock, of all things!! How amazing. Bright green light-up clock thingy on the nose of it. But the coffee it makes is pretty good - especially since I got a PuR filter for the faucet, and now have chlorine-free water to make the coffee with. (Our local water is like drinking out of a swimming pool some days!)

I guess I'm easily amused.

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ZW said...

An analog clock on a coffee maker...